Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Old China Cafe

Just before I begin writing this post, I stumbled upon a blog from a friend of mine, writing about her thoughts and emotions. For a moment, I was like, hmmmmmmmm, when is the last time I blog about sad or emotional cases in my blog?

I mean of course I'd written them before, could say that I used to grumble a lot in my blog complaining this and that, especially during my A-levels. Used to be sad and emotional for relationship matters, be it intimate relationship or normal friendship matters, studies, and yah..... money, LOL.

But as time passed, or maybe I should say, as I grow older, I found that how you live your life is all about how you manage your thoughts, or to be more precised, your mindset.

Think positively, then you will live your life happily. Think negatively, and you will live your life miserably. It's actually as simple as that. Of course things happen and it's hard to always force yourself to see the bright side of it instantly, take your time to grieve bout it, but bare in mind that in the end of the day, life still goes on, sticking at the same position will lead you to no where. So why not turn around and look for the bright side of it?

That is when I decided to change my mindset and stop blogging about all the negative thinking. Last time I used to see my blog "Lost In Bermuda" as a place where I come to grumble and let all the negative things be gone in this blog. But now, I wan my blog to be happier by posting bout all the happiness in my life. 

So my friend, if you happen to read this, you're stronger than what you thought. Some people deserve a place in your heart and some doesn't. Some people exist to lighten your life and some to mess it up. Some people stay to fulfill your life, and some leave to make your life better. Life too short to grieve about the sad things instead of being grateful for all the wonderful things happening around. So, let's be you once again. =)

And then, today's post is to update on another happening outing of mine, with the Celsius Babes of course. Well, now that everyone of us had started our career, some started quite sometime, some just begin like me, but most important of all, we had all move forward to another stage of life. Kuli life lah what else, LOL....

You know joining society is not about work work work and work all the time, it's all about being socialized, ah bor why call society right? So we have to make sure we get to see each other faces more often no matter how busy we are, LOL....

Went to Old China Cafe somewhere around Petaling Street for a brunch meet up. All of us were cracking head days before on deciding where to go despite living in the centre of this big town with countless nice place to hang out. LOL.... All because of money lah what else.... Some of us were too broke to opt for nice (and pricey) cafe so it was kinda hard to decide where to go. Even come out with the idea of just drive-thru the McDonalds outside my house, and then eat near to my condo's swimming pool, haha wtf!

So I Googled and found this place, wouldn't say it's cheap lah, but it's more affordable compare to better cafe in town. Don't be demotivated by its external deco though, you will be surprised when you scroll down for the pictures of the interior design.

Looking from the outside, it's like a super old morning cafe in the old times, where all the elderly come out to have their morning coffee and chit-chatting among them. But the cafe is super old indeed, operating since 1920s no joke, the owner had tried to preserve the ancient structure of it despite the nearby units had all renovated to keep pace with the modern time.

This is how it looks like from the inside. Told you not to be cheated by its outlook. There is actually another piece of mirror right opposite the one you saw in the pic above, for Feng Shui purposely, the Chinese said it perpetually reflect good luck.

The wall is full of these real pictures of ancient time, preserving the memories of all the old times. Not sure whether all these pictures are relevant to the owner, tempted to ask but never did ask, LOL....

Look at the old school switch, where else can you find these black ancient switch today?

The interior of the cafe is also decorated by all these ancient decos, not the fire extinguisher la, please ignore that, haha!

And this super antique fan. Not sure is functioning, tried to lift it for a selfie, but it's nailed on the table already, LOL, the owner gonna scold me.

As usual, selfie before the food comes!

Another one.... LOL...

Happened to wear the same color tee, oopppssss....

Pie-Tee / Top Hats (4 pieces) @ RM7.80

First dish served, it looks somewhat like those served in Vietnamese cuisine, but way to pricey for me. I rather pay half of the price to get seaweed poppiah from any hawker stall.

Food scan before eating. Just in case the food is poisonous you know.

Each person got a scope, gulp, and gone. Bo syiok....

Nyonya Chap Chai @ RM10.80

Sorry for the blurry pic. The portion for all the dishes are meant for two person only. So you could actually see the portion is really really too little for the 6 of us. And the taste, normal. Really really normal, duh...

Chui Pei Tofu @ RM9.80

Deep fried soft tofu with minced meat. Taste normal too, just like the one you get from any Chinese stir fry restaurant.

Kari Kapitan Chicken @ RM15.90

This dish is very disappointing. I expect it to taste better but it turns out way below my expectation. Even my curry taste better seriously. Maybe Nyonya cuisine is more on light taste I don't know? Cause almost every dishes taste lighter than the normal Chinese stir fry one.

Coconut Rice (one pax) @ RM1.90

We ordered for 4 pax, so they mixed it in a bigger bowl for us. Looks very appetizing but the taste is also normal, not too good to awe me yet.

Nyonya Fried Rice @ RM10.90

Read some review online and most of them recommended this Nyonya fried rice, so I was having a slightly higher expectation on it too. Again, taste normal for me. Nothing to be bragged about seriously, sigh.

Ah we also ordered this soup called Itik Tim @ RM9.90. I have no comment on it, personally not a soup lover, I took a sip and that's it, haha, so no comment.

And then dessert time!!!!!!

Santan Durian @ RM13.90

This is heaven, it's actually a whole pure durian in it, with the santan as topping. Might be to queasy to have it all your own, so sharing is advisable.

Bubur Cha-Cha @ RM5.90

You can order it hot or cold. We have it cold. Very nice and refreshing as well, the sweetness and the texture is just nice, not too sweet and not to thick for the gravy. Perfect for my liking.

Sago Gula Melaka @ RM5.90

This comes with a separate gula melaka topping, you could pour it according to your own liking of sweetness. I don't mind having the sweetness of gula melaka so we just go wild and pour everything in, LOL....

And then chit-chat time after brunch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh speaking about the rich tai-tai's life. How awesome would it be.

Group pic before leaving, as usual.

Everyone's looking freaking awesome as usual.

Just us pretend to be tourist, haha!

So that's all for now. Gotta off for bed, bed time is super precious now that I'm a work slave. But never mind, I'm enjoying my work, and trust me, I would climb that freaking ladder to get higher and higher so that I could afford to spend bigger and bigger, haha!

Good night world!!!
Monday, March 24, 2014

UMAI-YA Japanese Restaurant @ KLCC

So it was my 7th Valentine with my dear, it gonna be our 8th anniversary in 2 months time actually, but we were in relationship 2 months after Valentine, that's way.

The BF had finally work, though only few months, so he decided to treat me for something better for our Valentine this year. I wasn't really like the idea at first cause you certainly know the salary for fresh graduates wasn't enough to enjoy all the good food after deducting all the necessary expenses. But still he insisted, so we finally settled for Japanese cuisine in Umai-Ya, KLCC branch.

It was a last minute plan actually, so we didn't manage to do pre-booking, and reached there to know all the tables were fully booked. But lucky enough, they had one extra table for us and we manage to get our seats after waiting for 15 minutes or so. 

Their ala-carte menu.... They have buffet for RM58+ per person from 11.30am to 2.30pm. But it is only available in Damansara and Puchong branches.

Salmon Sashimi @ RM25++

Umai-Ya is well known of its fresh sashimi, as reviewed by most of the blogs over the internet, so I ordered my favorite Salmon sashimi to give it a try. Couldn't remember the exact price for this 5-piece salmon sashimi, it was around RM25 if not mistaken.

And the taste, I wasn't sure how to define the freshness. For me, it tasted somewhat similar to the one in Sushi Zanmai, which was priced way cheaper, though the slice is thinner. I would definitely go to Sushi Zanmai to satisfy my crave for salmon sashimi rather than Umai-Ya.

Well maybe it is indeed fresher, but I can't tell the difference, so no point paying extra. LOL...

Set of 3 Appetizer (not exact name) @ RM15.90++

Appetizer includes Itako Kyuli (seasoned baby octopus), Chuka Kurage (seasoned jelly fish), and Chuka Chimni (seasoned scallop wings), I super love these 3 dishes. They could be ordered separately at RM8.90 if not mistaken, but I chose to have these 3 altogether at RM15.90 if not mistaken again. Maybe the separate one is in bigger portion.

Chicken Sukiyaki @ RM22.90++

Hmmmmm.... I wasn't really satisfy with the way they serve it. The one I used to order in Sushi Zanmai was Beef Sukiyaki. They serve the egg and beef slices separately, and most important of all, the pot is served on a stove to keep it boiling. This Chicken Sukiyaki in Umai-Ya was served exactly like the picture shown above, where the chicken and the egg are all in the pot when it is served. Well maybe the chicken takes longer to get cooked as compare to beef slices so they served it right away in the soup.

Even so, I still prefer it to be served on a stove, because the soup got cold pretty fast and it was only warm instead of boiling hot. And then the taste, hmmmm the taste is just nice, nothing special.

Mixed Sashimi & Vege Rice (not exact name) @ RM39.90

The most expensive rice I've eaten so far, LOL. Couldn't recall the name of this dish, it was a combination of around 5 different sashimi ranging from salmon, maguro (tuna), tako (octopus), ika (cuttlefish), and suzuki (seabass), with omelette and cucumber, topped with errrrrr fish roe (??), the round orangy jelly stuff, LOL. It comes along with a soup with tofu, not sure what's the name, maybe normal miso soup or something similar.

Ok, the taste. It tasted heavenly good for the first few mouths, with the fragrance rice, fresh sashimi, and the fish roe that pop in your mouth. Everything blends in very well. The bf was a bit reluctant to order this rice at first for its expensive pricing, but I was so tempted to try what's so special bout this rice to be priced so expensive, so I said I will forgo my salmon sashimi for this. Well, the bf is like the best bf on earth, he knew I love salmon so much so he ordered both for me. *touched*

Why I said it tasted heavenly good for the first few mouths is because the more I eat the more I feel the rice is a bit sweet. Not sure how they seasoned the rice to get the sweetness, but I feel a lil bit unhealthy the more I eat it. Duh....

Avocado Maki with Baby Octopus (not exact name) @ RM25++

Sorry, I couldn't recall the name of this avocado maki as well as the price. Thought I could easily Google them at home but to my surprise I Googled Umai-Ya's menu and found almost nothing. Not even one of those I'd ordered, I have no idea why.

This sushi roll is a must try!!! I don't know how they did it but the avocado seems to melt in your mouth. The one I always eaten in Zanmai wasn't as soft as this, they were harder and tasteless. I wasn't sure of which maki to order at first and asked the waiter to recommend, she then recommended this and I was really pleased with the taste. This is definitely the best dishes among all those ordered that day.

Fried Chicken Bones @ RM15.00++

The bf taught it was fried chicken and ordered it, the waiter then remind us that this is not chicken meat but its soft bones and reconfirm whether we really want it. I was like, okay, chicken bones, let's try, LOL...

Paying that price to eat chicken bones sound a bit retard actually, haha! But the taste was quite okay la, would be a nice snack to serve with beer, for its so crunchy and chewy.

Fried Cuttle Fish @ RM15.00++

Last but not least, fried cuttle fish which taste way normal to me. It was serve with mayonaise instead of any other sauce, which I think is seriously a suck combination. Even the one I eat at roadside "Lok-lok" taste much much better, with its spicy satay sauce. This one was way too dry and tasteless.

Well, in general, the food was okay. But I may not revisit it, consider I could get the same satisfaction at Sushi Zanmai at a way cheaper price. For sure the environment in Umai-Ya is way more classy, but the food doesn't really impress me to the stage that I would make frequent visit.

So, try it once and judge on your own. =)

Bill Total : RM192.00 (for 2 pax)
Ambience : 5/5
Food : 4/5
Service : 5/5
Serving Speed : 5/5

Will I revisit?  Maybe, but not in near future.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

"Farewell" to My Soulmate

Super outdated post in my draft already, was so busy with my endless assignments I could just upload all the pictures and saved as draft to be edited when I'm finally free.

Feel a lil bit awkward to have mumbled over my assignments and studies when my peers are all stepping their foot into the society, joining the work force like months months months ago already. No I'm not studying because I failed or extended my course. Guess I'd taken the longer pathway to get my degree through A level and a freaking 4-year degree course with honors. 

Honestly speaking I'd never regretted taking Cambridge A level, it seriously marked the most precious time of my life, not to mention the quality of its certificates. But a 4-year degree course in MMU is killing me, TOTALLY.... Sort of ruining my life I just can't wait to graduate in a blink of eye, damn!

OK enough with the studies stuff. It will all end for good after this Chinese New Year, woots!

Talking bout my student life, though I hated being a student so much, but it was undeniably happening and printed a hell lots of sweet memories in my soul. An opposite gender soul mate in the same class all the way from kindergarten till Form 5 in secondary school; my first crush and many many more crushes (LOL); my first love; my gang of friends; and most important of all, MY TRUE LOVE which was a total stranger to me till we awkwardly get closed through the internet and duno-how finally stay together till now. No he's not stranger from the internet, we were from the same school, duh.

And there's one special one whom I never thought would be the one who last. 

Yes she was a member of my gang, but honestly speaking I think we weren't that close back then though hanging out everyday during school time. And after graduated from secondary school, all the friends spread to pursue their own dream and sad to admit, I find myself leaving with no friends.

It was always the bf and me. He's my friend, he's my soul mate, he's my lover. Happy and sad, I found no one to share except my bf. It was kinda sad, I used to be so emo all so sudden back then and the bf would be like OMG which role should I play now, haha!

It was a real hard time whenever I quarreled with the bf, it's like I'm all alone and no one to talk to. Used to talk to another opposite gender friends whenever I had problems with the bf, but then you know, things would get wrong having an opposite gender friends to comfort you whenever you quarrel with your love one, if you get what I mean.

And the most killing moment of all, I sometime find myself have no friends to hang out with. It's like when you suddenly feel like fleeing from your dull routine and have a cup of coffee somewhere with someone, you don't have the right one to call. That's exactly how I feel. At times I could sit quietly, thinking of who to call to have that damn coffee with me.

Couldn't recall when did we finally get closed despite hanging out in a gang since secondary school, but it definitely feel different from what I feel during the school time. It's like I could finally have someone who think the same (although not exactly the same, that would be super eerie), act the same, or even talk the same with me. What we call someone that could "click" well with you.  

I used to hope to get graduated faster, start to work, and get myself a damn car, so I could find her more often rather than having her to drive all the way to meet/fetch me all the time. And when I finally have 2 more months before I graduate, she decided to move back hometown to manage family business. *thunderstorm*

Yes you, if you happened to read this, you know how sad I am or not......................... ◕︵◕ 

Went to Pavilion for a meet up before she went back. And then craving strikes and we went Capricciosa for a heavy high tea instead of shopping as the initial plan, LOL....

We had this lunch buffet priced at RM22+ each person, where you could order almost everything in the menu, crazy or not... 

And let's see what we ordered....

Smoked Salmon Salad (Light) - RM11.90

Savory Meat Soup (Light) - RM5.90

Calamari Fritto (Regular) - RM13.90

Squid Ink Linguine - RM22.90

Creamy Porcini Pappardelle - RM29.90

Without the lunch buffet deal, what we ordered would amount to RM84.50 without tax, and with the deal we paid only RM53.00 in total after tax. Mad worth it OMG!

The Squid Ink Linguine is a must try, I personally love it so much! But be prepare to poop the next day, because your poop will come out exactly the same color, no joke, hahahaha!!!

Went H&M for CNY shopping and I ended up buying another dress.

Guess which one I got at last?

The red one. But now I'm a lil regretted for not getting the blue one instead.

The bf joined us for dinner later on, it was like only 2 hours after I had the lunch buffet in Capricciosa. Ծ_Ծ

Went to Ben's. My first time actually, heard of it long ago, but never tried.

Love the ambience, the dim light and the background music was so much soothing and relaxing.

French Fries - RM8.80

Ordered french fries as usual, my bitch love fries, hahaha!

Bread & Butter Pudding with Hot Custard Sauce - RM12.00

I was too bloated to have proper meal after the buffet in Capricciosa, so I ordered only dessert, skipping the drink as well, duh!

Char-Grilled Seafood Spaghetti - RM26.00

Bf ordered pasta, he loves it, but it's a bit dry for my liking, I still prefer moist pasta with gravy.

 Iced Latte - RM9.90

Watermelon Lychee - RM9.90

Berry Pavlova - RM14.00

And another dessert from her, because we were both too bloated to have another pasta, haha!


My god I have no idea why I always forgot to take pic whenever we hang out though I've always reminded myself before hand, every single time! I couldn't find any pic of us, especially recent meeting, not a single one WTF. We always meet, shop, eat, talk blah blah blah blah, and then bidding goodbye. And every single time I enter my car, I would msg her yelling "Where is our photo?!".


Browsed through my instagram and managed to find only one pic of us, taken 2 years back some more, my god.....

Make sure you find me when you come KL sapo..... LOL....

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