Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1-day-trip to Ulu Yam & Kuala Selangor

well, as what i'd mentioned in the previous post, my cousin, his gf, my bf n i went to Ulu Yam finally..... we're trying to find the so-called amazing waterfall which is known as the Sungei Tua Waterfall, n of course, to try the well-known "Lor Me" as well.... hehe~

captured this on the way to Sungei Tua Waterfall..... not really sure what it is, i think it's the Batu Dam..... whatever~

this is a broken bridge, i guess? =.= it looks so much like a coconut's shell...... haha~

the Sungei Tua Waterfall...... sweat~ =.=" i thought it will be those kind of high waterfall with heavy-flowing water from top of it, this looks more like a river to me..... sigh~

i bring no cloth for a trip to waterfall.... funny huh? so i din enter the freezing cold water but just soaked my legs for fun....... hehe~

the landscape there, with a small little bridge......

bah! it's me......................! ok, ignore it..... =.=

the scenery there.... even though it's not the kind of waterfall i anticipate of, it's still fun and relaxing to have a trip over there..... the air is so fresh, n it was indeed a fabulous spot to get closer to the nature once in a while.... ^^

a small hanging bridge, the wooden bars were already so old and they were like going to break anytime..... those ignorant malay girls still dare to run and jump on it.... sweat~

after spending some time at the waterfall, we went to have our lunch in Hulu Yam Lama..... we're indeed so eager to figure out how delicious the "Lor Me" is, since many people claimed that Hulu Yam is well known of their special made Lor Me...... n after trying it, my opinion is the Lor Me there was suck, maybe others like the taste, but definitely not me.... i feel like eating mee with black vinegar more, the taste was quite terrible actually..... eeew! furthermore, the town looked so old and the people there even acting weird too.... =.= we saw an old man kept on waving to us and said "come, come here....... hey, come here la......", n i also saw a woman riding a motorcycle without producing any motor's sound..... get wat i mean? i duno how to describe anyway, just that i don think i will make my 2nd visit there..... =.=

after that, we made our journey to Kuala Selangor..... it was quite far actually, i fall asleep and awake again for so many times..... =.= but then, there are something special i spotted along the journey, n they did attract my attention....

the scenery of course...... all the greenish scenery reminds me of my hometown, i used to enjoy it whenever i went to my grandma house, since she's living in rural area.....

see the blue sky and the cloud? it's so calm and peaceful...... the cloud looks so much like cotton candy.... yummy~ how awesome is that if i were to enjoy seeing this kind of blue sky from my balcony everyday?

after a long long journey, we finally arrived in Kuala Selangor.... these were the jetty there, the one i'm standing in is a seafood restaurant which we had our dinner later on.....

spot the weather loch? they are quite disgusting actually..... =.=

it was too early for us to have our dinner, since we arrived there about 4 sth in the evening.... so we decided to drive around the area n find some interesting place to spend our time while waiting to have our dinner later on..... n then, we found a lovely place where there were a lot of Black Spider Monkeys all over the place and waiting to be fed by the tourist there.... i think most of u had probably heard about this, i'm not really sure of the name of the place, but i think it's somewhere called what Melawati.....

my bf's feeding the monkeys there.... surprisingly, they were so friendly to human, at 1st i'm really afraid that they will snatch our belongings or what, but then it seems like they have interest on the food only, lolz~

what a cute one..... i feel like getting closer to them, but then i din at last.... gheez~

oh ya, i wonder why their babies are all in reddish brown colour, their fur's colour will slowly change to black when they grow up..... weird rite?

what a nice shot! credit to myself..... =.= haha~

so this is the view from that place..... nice scenery after all~

another pic of the pale blue sky....... i just noticed how beautiful the sky is after being stuck in town all these moment......

never forget to capture pics of mine as well.... haha~ with the lovely blue sky, hmm~

i asked my bf to act like the Merriam was his "BB", but he decided to quit last minute and i couldn't capture the pic in time, what a waste.... lol~

after that, it was dinner time! so these were what we ordered.....

yam with squid and satay soup on it..... i like it so much, the taste was delicious enough.......

fried prawns with salted eggs.... another dish i like so much! it's a bit salty on the skin, plus the sweet prawn's meat inside, what a perfect combination.....

fried bihun with crab meats..... the taste was just moderate, not that tasty for me.....

this fish was terrible! it's not fresh at all ok??!!! steamed grouper fish is not the best option at all..... =.=

and this is the restaurant..... again, i duno what's the name...... sorry~ #.#

sunset over there.............. it's so romantic to watch it with my bf.... wakakaka~

after that, we went to Kampung Kuantan to observe the fireflies..... 1st time for me to take a ride on boat, quite nervous at 1st, coz the surrounding was so dark and quiet...... n Ashley told me someone spotted crocs in that area..... =.= of course i still continue with the plan, as i'd never seen fireflies in huge quantity before, wonder how it loos like.....

so this is the small jetty where people boarded the boat.... (this picture is actually taken from google website, i din manage to take any pics on my own.... too excited and forgot bout it d..... lol~)

and this is exactly how we observe the fireflies.... (taken this pic from google too, my hp camera's pixel is too small to capture the fireflies in the dark....) awesome huh? it looks so much like a long long Christmas tree with so many LED light hanged on it.....

oh ya... i spotted the north star too, since the surrounding was so dark, we could observe the star clearly..... luckily i managed to make sure where the sun set, so i'm pretty sure that the one i saw was really the north star..... amazing rite? hehe~ (picture taken from website to show how the north star looks like) once u see this 7 stars, it means that u're facing north..... it's true ok? that's why it's known as North Star, duh~

i'm extremely exhausted now...... what an awesome 1-day trip..... thanks my cousin for bringing me here and there, at least i could stay away from all those annoying formulas and theories for 1 whole day..... haha.... will be back to study mood now.... ghheeeezzzzzz!!!!

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