Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Bold Lab Cafe in Kota Bharu

Nice cafe scattered everywhere in KL, so many that you could easily find a cosy cafe serving decent coffee almost everywhere you go. But in KB, most of the local prefer the cheaper and more traditional type of coffee you find in the old school kopitiam. Sad to say, there is almost none that brew proper espresso from the coffee machine until I recently found one. 

The Bold Lab cafe is one that I visited lately during my CNY holiday back in my hometown. 

They do provide smoking area outdoors, but with the scorching hot sun, I would prefer to enjoy my coffee in the air conditioned indoors instead.

Their interior deco is kinda simple and cosy. The dim lighting and some simple decoration on the wall makes the environment soft and comfortable to sit in and enjoy your fresh brewed coffee.

Ordered Macchiato @ RM6.90 for myself. I'm not really good in differentiating good coffee but to compare it with those normal kopitiam's coffee or local Malay's cafe, the fresh brewed coffee here is no doubt better. 

There are a lot of other cafe in KB actually, but the coffee served are either too diluted or too sweet. You will either have super diluted coffee that looks like drain water, or super sweet coffee as if the sugar is free. But of course there are still small percentage that serve nice mixed coffee.

Bf ordered Iced Caramel Macchiato @ RM10.90. Don't really like it cause the caramel taste kinda weird that it spoils the taste of the coffee.

Overall the cafe is worth visit if you're looking for a comfortable cafe to chit chat with a decent coffee. 

Price wise it is slightly cheaper than KL. But among other cafe in KB, it would be slightly more expensive. 

However, considering it serves freshly brewed coffee, I guess it would be fair to say the price is reasonable. 

Have fun trying. 


Unknown said...

Hai ms teenwitch. Can i use yr photo for my assgment ?

MsTeenwitch said...

Dear Nurul, yes sure.

Hope it helps.

Unknown said...

Hai ms teenwitch. Is this cafe halal?

MsTeenwitch said...

sorry I'm not sure 😬😬😬