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Bangkok & Hua Hin 6D5N

Hello world~!

Haven't blog for ages but I've decided to write a full blog post on my recent family trip to Bangkok and Hua Hin, just to preserve the memories, and of course, to give some reviews or guides to those who plan to visit Bangkok and Hua Hin.

Before I go in details, do be informed that since this is a family trip with my parents, it's not going to be an itinerary full of shopping malls or markets. Well I guess everyone knows Bangkok is famous for shopping, but my itinerary would be more on sight seeing, just in case anyone out there are not fond of shopping haul then this would be a good guide for you I hope.

So let's begin. My original itinerary was as follow:-

But due to several circumstances, especially the bombing incidents, we'd made some last minute changes to the itinerary. So the revised one would be as follow:-

Day 1 - Arrive Bangkok 
Check in Hotel 

Day 2 - Bangkok
1. Wat Pho - Temple of Reclining Buddha
2. Chatuchak Weekend Market
3. Terminal 21 Shopping Mall
4. Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

Day 3 - Hua Hin
5. Wat Bang Kung - Temple in the Tree
6. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park
7. Swiss Sheep Farm
8. Chatsila Night Market

Day 4 - Hua Hin
9. Hua Hin Train Station
10. Wat Huay Mongkol - The Giant Monk
11. Hills Vineyard
12. Mrigadayavan Palace of Love & Hope
13. Wat Khao Takiap 

Day 5 - Bangkok
Stay in Hotel

Day 6 - Depart from Bangkok
Back to reality!

I will explain in details on why we change our itinerary last minute as we go on.

Day 1

So our flight to Bangkok - Don Mueang Airport arrived around 6.00m local time. We actually hired a driver throughout our trip because my parents especially my dad feel reluctant to squeeze in the train or charter two separate taxi or tuk-tuk all the time since we travel in a group of 5. So upon our arrival, we were pick up by our driver at the airport and head directly to our hostel. For more info on the driver do find it at the end of the post.

This is our 'hulk' throughout the trip LOL! The driver came with his green Innova and we're like oh okay, we could have easily recognize our car from miles away. Later did we know it's super common to see green taxi all over the town duh!

Our car plate numbers for memories LOL...

After some traffic we finally reached our hostel. Was a bit grumpy at first because the driver didn't search our hotel location before hand and we ended up having to explain to him the location of our hotel. Luckily the bf had already study the map and plot some nearby trademark through his phone, we managed to reach without much hassles.

We stayed in The Blocks Hostel throughout our trip in Bangkok. Despite being just a hostel, the place is super cozy and just a stone throw to BTS. It costs us around RM50 per head per night, how cheap it is! Freak not because the facilities and comfort of stay definitely exceed the value you paid. For normal double and family room they provide king size bed and to my surprise it was so comfortable. 

By the way it was already dark when we checked in our rooms so the pictures of the interior were taken the next morning for a better view.

This is the reception area of the hostel. Furnished with a vintage couch for customers prior to check-in. 

There's a swirling staircase next to the couch which lead to a loft with computers for those who need to do some surfing on the Internet. How thoughtful. Too bad I didn't have picture of the loft to show as somebody is using the PC and I don't feel good interrupting just to take photo like a typical tourist duh... 

Further in from the reception counter is sort of a gathering area with lots of bean bags where you could hang out with your travel mates for some snacks or movie. No more worries on leaving unpleasant smell or leftover food on your bed!

Pantry with hot drinks and chilled beer. Was surprised that hot drinks are free of charge, how nice! I mean like comparing the room's rate that you paid for to the facilities that you get, definitely a great deal!

And this is the walkway that lead to our rooms. The interior is not as fancy as 5 stars hotel but I'm pretty satisfied with everything here. No complains.

We basically just dropped our luggage in our rooms and head out for dinner right away. Another good thing about this hostel is that it's only like 5 mins walk to Terminal 21 Shopping Mall and there are also lots of street food available nearby.

We had street food for our first dinner cause dad got so hungry that we basically just settled at the nearest stall we saw. The food turned out to be quite good though.

Got back our hostel after dinner to get some good rest for our next day activities. But the bf was all noisy like a kid claiming it's far too early for bed so both of us got out again after taking bath.

It was around 11pm when we got out and most of the stalls had closed. I had a sudden crave for coffee (yah I know coffee before bed is like super weird) so we went to a nearby cafe which is also another 5 mins walk from our hostel.

Hollys Coffee is actually a Korean chained cafe, kinda funny that we visited a Korean cafe on our first night in Bangkok, haha! But because the Korean village is just right next to our hostel, pretty much explains the existence of the Korean cafe, so that's why.

The interior is quite cozy but the crowd is seriously no joke. Full house when we were there. We were indeed lucky enough to have found empty seats right for two.

Planned to get bingsu (shaved ice) but the portion seems to be too big to be eaten at this hour. Plus the price is blood sucking expensive so we ended up ordered normal ice blended cafe latte. The price is more or less the same with Starbucks frappuccino FML, I'd definitely go for Starbucks without doubt.

Day 2

The next morning, we had breakfast at a nearby chicken rice stall which is claimed to be famous and recommended by our driver. I think the location is somewhere around the famous Erawan Shrine. I only realized how famous this chicken rice stall is until I came back from the trip. All you need is just to search for Bangkok's Chicken Rice in Google and there gonna be like hundreds of post or reviews wthell...

This is how the stall looks like. It's called Ko Ang Chicken Rice, located in Pratunam area. The place is more well known as "Pink Soldiers Chicken Rice" for its staff are all wearing pink color shirt.

We ordered half chicken and a plate of chicken livers. It costs THB390 in total together with 5 plates of white rice and 5 iced teas.

The taste is not bad, especially the sauce, kinda different from the normal chicken rice in Malaysia. Chicken is soft as well. The only drawbacks is the presentation, lol... But it's just a normal stall, don't expect too much, so this is definitely a must-try!

After breakfast we head to our first destination...

1. Wat Pho - The Reclining Buddha

Entrance fees are THB100 per head. The temple is quite huge overall. The reclining Buddha is in the main hall, there are also a lot of smaller Buddha statues all around the temple.

Some insight of other small temples within Wat Pho.

The are a great numbers of similar Buddha statues within Wat Pho itself.

Saw traditional Thai dance classes going on when we were there. Not sure is it available every day, but the soft music and refined choreography could easily caught your attention and it really shows the true colors of Thai especially to all the foreign tourists.

Spotted another local kids learning the traditional musical instruments. 

We stayed for around 1 hour before calling our driver and head to our second destinations. By the way it was super duper hot in Bangkok we were like roasted pig walking under the hot sun FOL.

The driver came to pick us up after we done and it was like heaven the moment we got into the car. I feel like damn, it really worth every single cent to hire a driver. Imagine we have to call a taxi or tuk-tuk after being all hot and sweaty, I would definitely be grumpy as hell, duh....

Next stop...

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market 

Guess what, all the green colored roof you saw are the market itself, and that is like only half of it, imagine the size of the whole market!

Basically you could find almost anything in Chatuchak Market, it's known to be a place 'you name it, you got it'. How true is it, let you judge on your own!

By the way Chatuchak is a roof covered market, good thing is that it does provide shelter from the hot sun, but the heat trapped underneath the connected roof is seriously no joke. So wear as light as you can!

If you really have to go to somewhere with aircond, freak not, there's a air conditioned mall next to the market, a sweet escape from the heat I would say!

Had this roasted pork somewhere in the market, so crispy on the layer but soft and juicy underneath OMG....

This is like wantan mee in Malaysia, not in term of taste, but it's easily found everywhere. And you just can't get bored of it, I don't know is it because of the small portion or is it purely the taste, I just can't help to get another bowl every single time, duh!!!

Just like wantan mee, they serve in both soup base or dried. I love it dried.

And then we went for massage, like right after meal, crazy I know, haha! But it's just foot massage, we were indeed a bit exhausted and feel so reluctant to get back on our feet after meal so we just stubbornly go for massage. They said it's bad for health, but forcing yourself to walk with a sore foot isn't any healthier, so yeah.... Haha!

Actually I bought almost nothing in the market, sigh.... Due to personal preference on clothing I find the clothes there don't suit my liking, especially the size cause I'm definitely not having the body to just buy any clothes without trying and later on fit perfectly. So I almost lost interest in looking for clothes. Then shoes, I am so damn picky when it comes to picking a suitable pair, it ended up that I really can't find any that suit my liking at last.

But don't get me wrong, Chatuchak is a must go place in Bangkok!

Famous coconut ice cream, a must-eat in Chatuchak. It's especially refreshing under the burning hot sun! I don't really like topping on both ice cream or ABC (local shaved ice), so the plain one behind was mine, original and full of coconut taste!

A pic for mummy before we left Chatuchak.

According to our original initerary, we were suppose to get back to hotel for shower and head to Talad Rod Fai Night Market after that. I was actually more excited to go Rod Fai than Chatuchak cause Rod Fai is a vintage themed night market where you can find vintage items, vintage setting cafe or bars, and even vintage decorations such as a Cadillac and stuff, which really sound so cool.

But aparently dad was too exhausted to walk for another few hours, squeezing among the crowd in the night market. Plus the location was a bit further from our hotel, we would need to charter another taxi to get there since our driver service ended at 6.00pm.

Considering all these factor , honestly speaking it did kill my mood a little so I ended up cancel it and change the itinerary to Terminal 21 Shopping Mall.

Had dinner with parents before that, they went back hotel to call it a day while the bf, my sis and I took a tuk-tuk to the mall. It was actually within walking distance but we were too lazy to walk and wanted to try the tuk-tuk LOL....

3. Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

I was actually attracted by the concept of the mall where each floor in the mall represented a country and will be decorated exactly as per the country. I guess my expectation on this mall was a bit too high that I actually feel disappointed to find out it was just a normal shopping mall and the stuff selling there isn't cheap at all. I mean of course it is not fair to compare the price to night market, but in that case, any mall in KL would be as good. Anyhow, I managed to grab a cloth in H&M, haha!!!

Obviously this is taken in Japan, floor. LOL....

And Japan's toilet, haha!

Forgotten which country is it, but very obvious, not Thailand, LOL....

We ended up taking pic and left the mall not long after. Since it was still early, as in not pass 12am kind of early, the bf decided to go the famous condoms themed restaurant located near our hostel.

4. Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

As its name goes, don't be surprise to see condoms everywhere, LOL...

This is how the interior looks like. It's a combination of both opened-air and roof covered concept. If not mistaken there's no air conditioned room.

How can you not find condoms in condoms themed restaurant. Both of the mannequins are dress up in a costume purely made of condoms, whether used or unused that's a question, LOL!

Another one here, there's one santa made of condoms as well OMG. But luckily the themed remain as decorations only and not on food. I would not be happy at all to see condoms serve on my plate for whatever creative reason it is, duhhh...

Free snacks served upon sitting the guest.

We ordered Phat Thai, Som Tam, and of course, beer. Not really interested with the food, as expected, the food was so-so and nothing to shout about. But the environment and the idea of condoms everywhere worth a visit I would say.

And oh, free condoms given when you settle your bills, haha!

Walked back to our hostel and reached within 5 minutes, that close you see! So we called it a day. Mum and dad had long fallen asleep LOL...

Next day, we packed in the early morning and ready to check out and head to Hua Hin!

Day 3

We departed from our hostel around 8.45am and only stop halfway at Tesco for breakfast an hour later. The journey from Bangkok city to Hua Hin normally takes 3 hours. Since we hired driver throughout our whole trip, I'm not too sure on how to get there via public transport. But dad had made some research earlier, if you travel in smaller group, it's cheaper to share the public van with other tourists than to charter a private car.

Halfway to Hua Hin town, we stopped by a temple near the famous Danong Saduak Floating Market.

5. Wat Bang Kung (Temple in the Tree)

I believe not many will pay a visit to this temple as it is not as commercialized like Wat Pho - The Reclining Buddha Temple or Wat Arun - The Sunrise Temple. However, I find this temple more unique and more like an original Siamese temple.

The temple got its name from what you can see, a temple in the tree.

Us taking group pic in the temple after praying.

The bf, our driver throughout the trip, and daddy~!

By the way, since daddy could speak some basic Thai, the local actually thought he's local Thai and speak endlessly in Thai with him. He ended up having to admit he's not local and couldn't only speak basic Thai, hahahaha!

The tree trunk and roots are still growing in the temple itself.

From the outside, you won't able to tell there's a temple within all the tree trunks, which makes it really special compared to the commercialized man-built temple.

The bf at the entrance of the temple...

Didn't study the history of the temple before I came, but the driver later told us that this piece of land used to be one of the army camp during the war between the Thai and Burmese.

The Thai army and the invaded Burmese.

I laughed like crazy while taking this picture haha! Even the driver couldn't stop laughing and keep asking the bf to change more face expression.

After praying in the temple, we saw a veteran monk and mum asked the driver to get permission with the monk to see if he's willing to give us some blessing. The monk agreed right away and there we were, sitting there while the monk recite Siamese scriptures.

We got holy water from the monk after the blessing and used it to water the tree that covered the temple.

Next to the temple is a piece of land with human statues depicting the Muay Thai. Not sure what is it for cause the driver speak limited English actually, he tried very hard to explain but I still couldn't get him so in the end I just pretend I understood what he said, LOL!

I later found out that it was actually a camp of King Taksin during the war with the Burmese.

I mimicked the statues at first and then mum and dad rushed over and said they want it too, haha! Never too old when it comes to having fun.

Then, we left and head to our next destination of the day, which is another stop halfway before reaching Hua Hin town.

6. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park

Phra Nakhon Khiri was built as a summer palace by King Mongkut and finished in 1860. The name Phra Nakhon Khiri means Holy City Hill, but locals know it better as Khao Wang, meaning hill with palace.

I was a bit hesitate whether to visit this place at first cause it's pretty much an abandoned palace and look like a haunted palace instead, haha! But compared to other destinations like the floating market, Swiss Sheep Farm, Santorini Park and other man-made attraction in Hua Hin, I had to say I rather stick back to Phra Nakhon Khiri.

Well don't be affected with my thoughts, I personally think that all the man-made attractions like Swiss Sheep Farm, Santorini Park, Venezia and so on are like a place for photoshooting only. They would be a beautiful place to go if you are looking for place worth of endless selfie or wefie, LOL...

But for me, I prefer the original Thai kind of trip, so I skipped all the man-made attraction.

Ok back to Phra Nakhon Khiri Park.

We had our lunch there before taking the cable car to the hill top.

Thai Fried Rice if not mistaken.


After lunch, we head to the cable car station right next to the restaurant. The entrance fees is THB200 per head, inclusive of the cable car ride. By the way, it's called cable car but instead of hanging on the cable, it was attached to a track instead, haha! Should we call it a train then? LOL...

Lucky that we are the only passengers for the entire ride on our way up, so we could take endless pictures before depart, duhhh...

This is how the track looks like from the bottom.

Lots of green along the way up, not bad at all!

The view of the bottom station from the top.

Another photo before getting off, typical tourist, haha!

Daddy insisted to mark his visit, I'm suddenly a cameraman now...

Upon reaching at the upper station, it's not the highest point of the hill yet, you have to follow the track and slowly walk uphill.

An overview of the entire hill.

The heritage of King Mongkut palace. The palace remain only as a historical park now but the fine sculpture on each wall and the serene surrounding make it a really worth visiting place.

It's pretty windy at the top too, but the sun is still burning hot, too bad.

Daddy said he gonna post this photo in FB and check in Istanbul, haha wtf!

I think I took like zillion photo in the palace itself. Haha, I walk I see I snap.

This is the look out point which is also the highest point on the hill.

The swirling staircase to get to the top is a bit scary though. I don't know why but I feel kinda eerie the moment I stepped in, hmmmmmm....

But wait till you see the view from the lookout point...

Haunted palace or abandon palace whatever, this place is freaking worth a visit please!

Walking to another end of the hill via this serene walkway. It's kinda eerie to walk alone though, haha! Don't worry this is not a haunted palace, sorry if I scared you too much with haunted here haunted there, LOL...

With the hot sun ghost also don't want to come out so you are safe. But this place is really beautiful right? Feel so peaceful with all the path covered by the trees along the way.

The bench is hot like a burning stone but I still made them sit down quietly and smile to my camera, haha, oopppss~!

A small and stuffy tunnel, it lead to a shrine inside but not to sure what is it, doesn't look like a normal Buddha statue though.

Mummy found her place finally, spot the blue sky at the back!

Further in there's a place where you can ring the bell. Not sure for what, but I just rang it once, for whatever reason it is.

And out of no where, there's a bench looking to a spectacular view. Daddy and mummy become so romantic suddenly, haha!

The bf insisted to have one too, and my poor dad and mum had to potong steam and give up the bench, LOL!!!

On our way down, there was a big group of visitors coming up. Luckily the place was somewhat empty when we were up there, wouldn't be as fun if there's too many people passing by here and there while we were taking pictures.

It was around 3.00pm when we left Phra Nakhon Khiri.

Daddy was a bit exhausted after touring the whole hill under the burning hot sun, so we head to Hua Hin town directly after that.

Was supposed to visit Swiss Sheep Farm cause we will be passing through the farm on our way to Hua Hin town. But we ended up taking pictures at the entrance only cause daddy was not interested to pay entrance fees just to see a man-made farm, tsk... Thought I could see and take picture with Alpaca...

7. Swiss Sheep Farm

Can actually see the whole farm from the outside...

And so we took pictures and left after spending like 10 minutes there, LOL!

Checked in our guesthouse and took a quick bath, then off we go looking for dinner.

8. Chatsila Night Market

Our last destination of the day, Hua Hin night market!

It actually rained when we reached the night market on foot, so unlucky. So we just find a shelter and ordered whatever food available.

No more picture of the night market because I was busy looking here and there, haha...

We actually had another round of dinner at a quite popular restaurant in Hua Hin named Koti. This was the time when we received call and messages from friends and families on the bombing incident in Bangkok City. I was so occupied with reading all the news posted in FB that I didn't eat much and can't even recall what we ordered, duhh!!

The local news were reporting on the bombing incident at Erawan Shrine and we were watching all the videos anxiously at the guest house. The feeling is kinda weird that night, it was all quiet and peaceful in Hua Hin, we were gathering on the veranda drinking beers and having snacks, but everyone was not in mood and didn't talk much. All we have in our mind that night was, how are we going to spend our last day when we get back to Bangkok.

Day 4

The next morning, we had this stew pork rice near our guest house. It looks normal but it tasted really good!

Then off we go, our first destination of the day...

9. Hua Hin Train Station

As the name goes, it's just a train station, nothing much. But Hua Hin Train Station is one of the trademark in Hua Hin as its popularity began to increase in the 1920's after the railway line from Bangkok was constructed and King Rama VI built Klai Kangwon Palace as a summer retreat. Hua Hin's station is one of the oldest in Thailand and its main feature is The Royal Waiting Room that used to welcome King and his court when they were visiting the town.

When we were about to leave, the operator suddenly make announcement in Thai and I thought it was just normal announcement, later on a loud sound came from far followed by the train rushing in and stopped at the station. How lucky LOL!!!

The rest of them were in the car already and when the driver saw me rushing towards the car, he was like,"Ok, very good, train, take picture take picture... Very good..." That is basically how we communicated the entire trip, hahahahaha!

Next station...

10. Wat Huay Mongkol (Temple of Giant Monk)

This temple is my most anticipated attraction before I come! The famous monk, or more commonly known as Luang Phor Thuad, is believed to hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents. I had one back in my hometown where our families had been worshiping since small.

Isn't it spectacular!

Group photo before going up. I wrapped myself in my scarf cause I was wearing shorts, no indication that shorts are not allowed, but I decided to cover up as an act of respect to the holy place.

You could get flower and joss stick by donating to the temple, according to your own will. We donated and prayed for good before we left.

Found this Bodhi Flower at the temple, the tree where Buddha was born under.

Next stop...

11. Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

Before the trip I was all excited to visit this Vineyard, probably my own fault to have the thought that it gonna be all cool like Cameron Highland. It turned out to be super duper hot I can't even bare to spend another minute standing under the burning hot sun, duh!

You can tour the vineyard on elephant ride or complimentary jeep service at selected hours. I gave both a pass after looking at the sun, haha! I'm not usually princess-like and have to hide away from the sun all the time, but the weather in Bangkok at my time of visit is totally unbearable no joke.

But then, they have this covered restaurant overlooking the whole vineyard, where you can enjoy a decent meal and tasting wine produced from the grapes grown in the yard itself.

We just simply toured the restaurant for pictures and left not long after. I personally think you may skip this if you aren't too keen on having a meal here or tasting the wine. The yard itself got not much thing to see unless again, you want to experience elephant ride, under the hot sun, LOL...

Our next destination according to itinerary was Plearwan - the vintage village, but Plearwan is best visit at night cause the yellow lighting will make it looks better for photos. We were like 3/4 hours ahead of our schedule cause I thought we would spend hours at the Vineyard but we ended up spending like only 30 minutes there duh!

Our driver then suggested us to visit the Palace of Love & Hope since it is still early. So there we go.

12. Mrigadayavan Palace of Love & Hope

We had our lunch there after reaching the palace. The driver mentioned something about the place being an army based and hence it's self-service and we would need to collect food ourselves once ready, if I didn't get him wrong, though I don't understand what self-service has to do with the army.

All time favorite, Som Tam, or what known as Papaya Salad.

Bf ordered this fish balls, I like the sauce more, LOL!

After that we went to rent bicycle! Oh ya the reason our driver recommended this place was because he thought it would be nice for us to cycle together. Daddy didn't like the idea, I guess he can't cycle most probably hahaha! So he stayed with the driver while the rest of us proceed.

Mummy was a bit worried cause she hasn't cycle for ages, but then I convinced her that cycle is a skill you master for life, once you master it, it's unlikely to forget how to ride, no?

And there she goes...

This place is super relaxing! You can enjoy cycling while enjoying the cooling sea breeze. Not to mentioned all the tall tree that provide shelter despite the hot weather.

Blue blue sky, green green grass, and refreshing sea breeze, best for cycling!

Freak not, this place is not meant for cycling only actually. It's actually a summer palace built by King Rama IV. The entrance fee per head is THB60, and be sure not to wear shorts, else you would need to rent a sarong to cover your legs at THB30, and placing your passport as deposit.

Only limited number of visitors are allowed to enter level two at a specific time, probably because the old building cannot withstand a large crowd at the same time. But do not worry, your entrance ticket will be stating the time for you to enter level two, so all you need to do is just to be ready at the entrance when it's time.

The palace has a very long walkway that head to the beach...

The blue sky turned dark within minutes while we were visiting level two, so we rushed out before it started to rain. Too bad it started to rain once we left the building and we were running like mad to get our bicycle and return the rented sarong.

After getting into the car, it rained cats and dogs damn, so close!

Was supposed to head to Plearwan but when we reached there, the rain was still heavy and the driver said we would be all wet cause the place is opened-air and only limited places are covered with shelter. So we had no choice but to cancel the plan.

Since it was our last day in Hua Hin, so daddy asked the driver to give us a simple tour in the town and along the seaside before we get back to our guesthouse and call it a day.

I guess the driver feel our disappointment so he brought us to another place we have not heard of or researched on before.

13. Wat Khao Takiap

The temple is famously known as The Monkey Mountain as well cause there are like hundreds of monkeys residing in that area. I'm like a little girl hiding behind mummy all the way up to the top duh! The monkeys really walk like a boss there and the driver had reminded us to take care of our belongings as well cause the monkeys are known to snatch visitors bag in search for food.

The rain had just stopped when we reached, hence the gloomy sky. This is the view from the top of the temple.

Bright sky within minutes, what a weird weather duh! But thank god the sky was clear and the view was definitely better! By the way spot the long long staircase you need to climb to get to the top. Speaking about the staircase, we saw a monkey climbing the stair from the bottom and daddy was like all amazed that the monkey climbed 70% of the staircase without stopping to rest. Right after he finished, the monkey stopped to rest, everyone laughed like mad, haha! I think the monkey must be feeling so annoyed to see us laughed that it got up right after and continue climbing to the top, LOL!

There were these large bell that you can hit from the first to the last. I think there were around 30 of them.

Group pic before we left. The view was spectacular indeed!

Driver dropped us at guest house afterwards and ended his service for the day. We had a quick wash up and headed out for dinner. Since it was our last day in Hua Hin, so we went to the night market again after dinner.

Had this banana pancake for THB25, nothing much special but tasted quite good for a quick snack after dinner.

Back to the guesthouse, we were so worried after knowing the second and third bombing incident in Bangkok City. That feeling was totally suck knowing that there's a terrorist bombing incident in Bangkok and yet we are heading right to the city the next day. Worst thing was that our hostel was located right in the area declared as high risk by the army.

Anyhow, we checked out Hua Hin and head back to Bangkok the next day.

Day 5

There was this "Spiderman" selling holy flowers to the vehicles stopping at the traffic light halfway back to Bangkok. He was so much so entertaining dancing on the road trying to sell the flowers and our driver bought one from him. Earning a living isn't hard if one has the will, no?

We checked in The Blocks Hostel again after reaching Bangkok. Was supposed to go Asiatique Riverfront but we had to cancel it due to the bombing incident. I don't want to risk my life and rest in pieces, so all of us agreed to cancel the plan and stay in the hostel till we check out the next day and leave Bangkok.

Everyone was pretty exhausted after the few days trip after all. I took a quick bath and jumped right onto my bed for a quality nap before daddy woke us up for dinner. It was right on time that The Block Hostel was organizing an in-house BBQ and every guest get to join by paying THB150 per head.

This was indeed my first time joining strangers for BBQ. It was quite an experience to hang out with the other tourist and sit down to have dinner together. We had accompanies from South Korea, Syria, Singapore, us Malaysia, and the host Thai!

Spot the old couple lovey dovey at the back, LOL!

Spent time resting at the common area while joining the other guest watching DVD. The bf was having second round of nap, right after dinner LOL!

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate drink at the pantry, free of charge!

Our last day in Bangkok turned out to be not as bad as we thought despite having to cancel our schedule. After all a trip is meant to be relaxing and not a marathon of itinerary. At least we get to have enough rest and having fun getting to know people from different countries. Truly an experience you won't get staying in the high end hotel.

Day 6

Time to get back to reality!

We passed through the Erawan Shrine that got bombed on our way to airport, many armies were seen guarding the area. Feel so relieved that we are leaving Bangkok after the three bombing incidents.

So this is what I bought throughout the entire trip in Bangkok, unbelievable isn't it?!

Everyone who came to Bangkok go back with tons of shopping items but I ended with all these only, amazing... Haha! Even the cloth was bought in H&M!!!

So that's all on my trip to Bangkok and Hua Hin.

Driver information

We contacted the tour agency via The Best Thai Tour, Mr Sakon was the one who replied to us and arranged the driver for us after confirming our itinerary. Our driver is Mr Anurak, you may request for him if you want to.

Hotel in Bangkok

The Blocks Hostel
1. Clean and comfortable surrounding
2. King size bed is soft and comfortable
3. Wifi speed is good
4. 5 minutes walking distance to BTS Asoke Station and Terminal 21 Shopping Mall
5. Probably the cheapest room rates in Bangkok City

Hotel in Hua Hin

Ansu Guesthouse
1. Clean environment but a bit too old
2. Bed is hard but bearable
3. Wifi speed is good
4. 5 minutes walking distance to Chatsila Night Market and famous Chao Lay Seafood
5. Probably the cheapest room rates in Hua Hin

Total Expenses

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